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Use Dot Density Styles to help Visualize Area Features

Map Suite gives you a number of styles to create thematic maps to convey your message. One of these is the dot density style which allows you to arbitrarily set dots in proportion to attribute data associated with an area. This is a simple and effective way to display your data.

Dot Density styles can only be used on area based feature layers such as Countries, States, Counties, etc. The number of dots can be based on a value in the feature data, for example you can use population so the areas with the highest population have the most dots. Continue reading

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Visualize Your Data by using Heat Maps.

Do you have data that you would like to represent geographically? Let’s say you have sales data, customer locations, earth quake information or any data with unique values, you could use heat maps to get visual representation of your data. Heat maps can be used to show a concentration of points or distribution of attribute values.

Take advantage of the various Map Suite APIs to create custom maps including heat maps based on your specific requirement. For a visual sample review the Heat Style demo using Map Suite WebAPI Edition here. Continue reading

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Use Class Break Styles to Build Thematic Maps

Do you have data that range in values? For example, let’s say you have sales data, population densities, etc. and you would like to display this information with different colors based on the range of values. If this sounds familiar you should take a look at the Class Break style!

The Class Break Style allows you to define how polygon, line, or point based features will be rendered on the map based upon a range of values in your layer’s attribute data. Continue reading

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