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Month: November 2015

What is Geocoding and Reverse Geocoding?

If you are new to GIS you may not be familiar with the terms geocoding and reverse geocoding, but it’s likely you have done some sort of geocoding without being aware of it. Geocoding is the process of taking an address or location and converting it to latitude and longitude. Have you ever searched for an address on Google Maps or any other mapping application? If so, you geocoded! There may be several reasons why you need to geocode, but these are some of the more common applications: finding addresses, plotting customer locations, or plotting locations to get route information. Continue reading

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Using OpenStreetMap Data in Your Application

When it comes to GIS one of the biggest hurdles usually involves mapping data. Data comes in many forms, formats, licensing options from a variety of providers. Premium providers can be cost prohibitive and have strict licensing policies. The good news is the growth of OpenStreetMap.

In case you aren’t familiar with OpenStreetMap, it’s a giant crowd-sourced database of free geographic data built by users all around the world. You can even add or correct data in OpenStreetMap yourself — and if you do, it will appear on OpenStreetMap as well as under ThinkGeo’s World Map Kit Online within a couple of hours. Continue reading

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Add NOAA Weather Radar, Warnings and Stations to your GIS App

Have you ever considered adding weather information to your GIS app? Industries such as agriculture, public safety, aerospace and others can greatly benefit by adding real-time weather information. NOAA provides all the data and Map Suite has all the necessary APIs that allow you to easily enhance your mapping application. Whether you are looking for radar information, weather stations, weather watches & warnings ThinkGeo has you covered.

The weather station data and APIs allows you to display up-to-date weather station data from around the world on top of your maps. Continue reading

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