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Month: January 2016

Use Routing to add Intelligence to Your Mapping Application.

Want to add routing to your GIS app? In a previous post we introduced you to routing with OpenStreetMap data. Routing is much more than just getting turn by turn direction and could possibly add value to your existing mapping app. Here are some common routing scenarios:

Traveling Salesman Problem – allows you to generate the optimal sequence for visiting multiple locations.
• Service area definition – answers the question: how far can I travel based on given speed within a specific amount of time? Continue reading

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Use Adornments to Decorate your Map.

Adornments are used to decorate your map with legends, titles, directional arrows, logos, and scale bars and other elements to help the reader better understand the message the map is trying to convey. The title helps the reader understand the theme of the map. Legends helps the reader interpret the map, while north arrows, scale lines and scale bars provide geographic orientation.

These adornments are in a fixed position, regardless of panning and can be added to your digital map or carried over to the print map, where you can add additional adornments prior to printing your final map. Continue reading

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