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Month: May 2016

Split a Polygon with a Line

Splitting a polygon is a common technique in GIS which can help process mapping data. Map Suite provides you with the necessary API that allows you to split a polygon with lines or polygons. This sample shows you how to split a polygon with a line. This procedure can be useful for users wanting to split fields, land parcels or any other type of polygon.

Download the ThinkGeo Product Center and start manipulating your data. In addition to this sample many other code samples are available to help you get started with Map Suite quickly. Continue reading

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Use Clipping to Create New Features

Clipping is a common technique in GIS to help process data. It allows you to “cut data” or take subset of data for a particular area of interest. Consider a cookie cutter as a tool to cut out one or many features from a layer to create a new feature layer that would only contain the features within the given area. For a more in-depth explanation visit the following clip article.

It is very helpful to create and reduce your data, real world examples may include:

• You have a large dataset such as land parcels or points of interest for an entire state, however you only need the data for a specific county. Continue reading

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Find what’s nearby by using Distance Queries

In addition to spatial querying GIS developers should also consider adding distance querying functionality to allow users to make spatial decisions. In mapping applications it can be useful to find features within a certain distance. For example, let’s say you want to find the number of gas stations that are within a given distance from your location. Distance querying can help you answer such questions.

Map Suite offers a couple different Distance Query APIs to help you build your application including:

• GetFeaturesNearestTo – finds the nearest feature from your location. Continue reading

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