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Cluster Points to Simplify Your Maps

Do you have large amounts of data you want to display on your map? If so, it’s probably not a good idea to display them at the same time as it would clutter your map, making it difficult to understand. Clustering the points at higher zoom levels will help you convey your message and make the map more readable. It groups together various features into one symbol that you can customize and label based on your specific requirements. To better understand clustering go to the WebAPI demo here and click on the “Cluster Style” demo under the style list.

Clustering is a standard GIS feature; however great improvements have been made with the latest release of Map Suite (9.0.336.0 or newer). Improvements include a new API, better rendering performance and more flexibility for customizing and labeling your icons. The latest sample can be downloaded from the ThinkGeo wiki. Use the clustering APIs with any Map Suite developer control to build your GIS solution.

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