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Display KML & other GIS data Formats

With Map Suite, you’re not limited to a handful of proprietary or arcane data formats. In fact, it supports a number of popular GIS file formats, from file-based, to image-based and even spatial databases. For a complete list of supported formats visit the Map Suite Data Format Guide. Don’t see a specific format? Map Suite’s flexible API allows you to integrate your own custom data format.

Beginning with Map Suite 8.0 KML became a natively-supported format across all Map Suite Editions. KML is an XML file format for displaying geographic data in a browser such as Google Earth. It is now an open standard overseen by the OGC(Open Geospatial Consortium).

Browse the Layers sample to see some of the supported data formats. Want to create a GIS app to display your own data? Download the sample to begin developing your application.

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