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Month: July 2016

Managing Your World Map Kit Data

Map Suite makes it easy to integrate worldwide street level basemaps into your application by providing all of the C# source code for rendering the map tiles and over 150GB+ dataset in both SQLite and PostgreSQL formats. Managing such large datasets can be quite a task! With the release of World Map Kit SDK, a utility to cut out only the part of the world you care about was also introduced, allowing you to deploy smaller datasets. However, managing all the data and layers can still be a challenge. Continue reading

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Use Dot Density Styles to help Visualize Area Features

Map Suite gives you a number of styles to create thematic maps to convey your message. One of these is the dot density style which allows you to arbitrarily set dots in proportion to attribute data associated with an area. This is a simple and effective way to display your data.

Dot Density styles can only be used on area based feature layers such as Countries, States, Counties, etc. The number of dots can be based on a value in the feature data, for example you can use population so the areas with the highest population have the most dots. Continue reading

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Create Accurate Data with Snapping

Snapping allows GIS users and developers to create more accurate data. When editing data and snapping is enabled it helps ensure that new features you create are attached to each other. In addition to enabling snapping you may also set specific tolerances for better accuracy.

GIS users can download the Map Suite GIS Editor to start creating new accurate data by turning snapping on. This feature can be found under the data editing tab.

Download the Snap to Layer Sample to customize your app and start your trial of Map Suite. Continue reading

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