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Updated: World Map Kit Data Extractor

Map Suite World Streets provides street level maps for the World and includes a utility to cut out only the part of the world you care about, allowing you to deploy a much smaller dataset. This utility was recently updated and includes a few new features:

  1. The new extractor now uses our OsmWorldMapKitLayer.dll in order to determine which tables to cut data from each ZoomLevel. This means if you only want to get data for ZoomLevels 1-10, it will only cut data for the tables that are being displayed between ZoomLevels 1-10, saving time and cutting out unnecessary data. It will dynamically determine this based on your OsmWorldMapKitLayer.dll, so if you are using a custom OsmWorldMapKitLayer, it will be able to tell which tables you are using.
  2. The old version of the extractor had the “preserve country-level data” function hardcoded to only save worldwide data between ZoomLevel01 – ZoomLevel07. With the new version, the user can specify between which ZoomLevels they wish to capture worldwide data – for example, between ZoomLevel01 – ZoomLevel10.
  3. The new extractor allows users to specify multiple bounding boxes to cut out, and can specify which ZoomLevels they wish to cut data from for each bounding box.

Download the latest World Map Kit Extractor and one of the Map Suite developer controls to start building your GIS app now!

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