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Month: September 2016

Aerial Imagery for Your Offline Mapping App!

Building an offline application which requires aerial maps? With World Map Kit Imagery, you can now add aerial imagery for the US completely offline! This demo of World Map Kit Online will let you review the quality for both the vector and aerial imagery data.

World Map Kit Imagery offers imagery tiles through Amazon’s Requester Pays Bucket for easy data management. This dataset is composed of multiple small image files (JPEG2000) and each file covers a block of approximately 3 x 4 miles. Continue reading

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Mapping Flight Paths with Map Suite

This latest project illustrates how to draw Great Circle paths to connect an origin and a destination point with Map Suite. If you are an aerospace map developer this is a great sample to help you get started. Use any of the Map Suite developer controls to customize this sample to your liking.

The sample includes the following features:

• Ability to draw an arc representing a flight between two points on a world map
• Displays popups with origin, destination, and flight information for a selected flight
• Ability to display multiple flights between the same origin and destination
• Switch between flights by using radio buttons
• Zoom in and out and scroll around the map

Download the sample to start customizing your app and begin your free Map Suite trial. Continue reading

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New Traveling Salesman Algorithm for Routing Extension

The Map Suite Routing Extension allows you to add intelligence to your GIS app by adding route mapping and driving direction functionality. It supports many common routing scenarios as previously described here. A common scenario is the Traveling Salesman Problem (TSP) which allows you to generate the optimal sequence for visiting multiple locations.

The TSP scenario was always supported by Map Suite Routing Extension; however, improvements have been made to the algorithm which allows developers to work with more stops and more accurate results than before. Continue reading

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Using ArcGIS Server REST API in Map Suite

Do you use ArcGIS Server? If so, you can now use Map Suite to access your maps that reside on ArcGIS server using Map Suite Development Build 9.0.443.0 or later. This feature was first introduced with Map Suite Web Edition 5.0 as an overlay. However, it is now supported across the various Map Suite Editions as a layer.

This sample demonstrates the new ArcGISServerRestLayer. The ArcGIS Server REST layer provides a built-in means for retrieving geospatial data from ESRI’s ArcGIS Server and displaying it seamlessly within your Map Suite applications. Continue reading

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