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Month: November 2016

Microsoft’s Visual Studio Now on Mac

Yesterday, Microsoft announced the release of Visual Studio 2017 Release Candidate as well as Visual Studio for Mac for the first time. Visual Studio for Mac will allow C# developers to build apps for the web, iOS, Android, and wearables.

In general, Visual Studio for Mac will have the majority of the features that can be found on Windows. However, it’s still in preview stage and changes may occur before its final release. This is somewhat of an expected move since Microsoft acquired Xamarin earlier this year and we are hopeful this will continue to simplify cross platform development. Continue reading

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New Code Sample: Label Point with Circle Symbol and Mask Description

A new project has been created based on customer demand. This sample demonstrates how you can create a friends network using geolocations. It uses a combination of styles and labeling allowing you to show points and distances between friends.

If you are a developer looking to build a GIS app that requires geolocation mapping you can try out Map Suite for free by downloading the sample from GitHub. This sample is fully customizable and allows developers to jump-start their GIS project. Continue reading

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Dijkstra’s Routing Algorithm

One of the most commonly used routing algorithms is Dijkstra’s algorithm. Dijkstra’s algorithm finds the shortest path between two nodes by building a shortest-path tree, and stopping once the destination node has been reached. Normally in routing applications, Dijkstra’s algorithm is used to find the shortest route between 2 locations. This is the case with Map Suite Routing’s built-in Dijkstra routing algorithm. However, there may be instances where you may want to find the shortest path from a single source node to several destination nodes. Continue reading

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