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Month: December 2016

Querying & Editing GRID Files in Map Suite

Arc/Info ASCII Grid is one of many supported raster formats in Map Suite. In addition to displaying ESRI grid files you can also query and edit the data in Map Suite. Here is the latest sample demonstrating the ability for the user to select an area of the grid (raster layer) by using a spatial query, and then updating the underlying cell values with a user specific value.

This has been integrated as a core feature in Map Suite therefore it can be used in the web or desktop products. Continue reading

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Featured Data Format: JPEG2000

Map Suite supports a number of raster data formats including JPEG2000. Recently improvements were made to support multi-band JPEG2000 files as well as high bit depth color JPEG2000 such as 16 and 32-bit floating point pixel images.

For a complete list of supported data formats go here. Developers can also extend Map Suite by building their own feature source. For details on building your own feature source visit the “Integrating Custom Data Formats” webinar.

Download the sample directly from GitHub to start building you GIS app with Map Suite. Continue reading

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Designing Your Maps with Predefined Styles

Styles allow you to represent your GIS map data. They are classes which determine how each feature is represented on the map. Styles can be as simple as drawing a thin black line to represent a street to advanced heat styles that represent multiple data points as smooth color gradients.

Map Suite provides a comprehensive set of styles which will cover most mapping requirements as well as a number of predefined styles to help you get started quickly. If you find the provided styles do not cover your requirements, you can easily create your own custom styles. Continue reading

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