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Map Suite 10.0 – A New Way!

Here’s another sneak peek on Map Suite 10.0. In previous versions of Map Suite everything was managed via the ThinkGeo Product Center. Users acquired daily builds, download samples, etc. all via the Product Center. In Map Suite 10.0 the entire process will be more publicly available and streamlined. Here’s a brief overview:

  • The one large assembly is split up into multiple smaller assemblies and distributed via NuGet. The installation and update will be handled by NuGet; you only need to update the specific package which contains the new feature/fix.
  • NuGet

    Map Suite NuGet Packages in Visual Studio

  • All samples will be available via GitHub for easier maintenance and updates. Users will be able to modify code and share with others. Additionally, developers can use Git tools to download and deploy samples. Take a look at the MapSuite samples on GitHub here.
  • With support for Git and NuGet, developers can use Git client to easily download and run the samples. All dependencies are handled behind the scene.
  • Git and NuGet are well supported on Linux (Mono Develop) and Mac (Xamarin Studio), giving you quick access to samples that can be ran on multiple platforms.

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