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Month: February 2017

Using World Map Kit Explorer on Linux

As discussed in the last several blogs, one of the main features of Map Suite 10.0 is cross-platform support. In addition Map Suite 10.0 will be more publicly available and streamlined as smaller assemblies will be available via NuGet and samples can be downloaded directly via GitHub.

In 10.0 World Map Kit SDK will be known as Map Suite World Map Streets. The World Streets Vector Layer Explorer is a utility that enables you to view the SQLite World Streets data using Map Suite WinForms and provides a number of useful metrics including: render times, fetch times, total bytes drawn along with total features drawn. Continue reading

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Displaying ECW and MrSid Files on Linux

As many of you know Map Suite supports a number of popular GIS file formats, from file-based, to image-based and even spatial databases. One of the most notable features of Map Suite 10.0 is cross-platform support. This week’s post introduces how to display some of the most popular raster formats on Linux with the upcoming release. Sample templates to help you get started will be made available via GitHub. There are a few steps required to help you get started:

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