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Getting Started with Map Suite Desktop 10.0

The 10.0 release is getting closer and closer! We are putting together the final touches, working on documentation, and other useful resources. Here is a quick look at the new Map Suite Desktop for WinForms wiki page. As you can see it includes the usual help guides, but you will notice new guides for Linux deployment and licensing. In addition new help videos have been put together to help you get started quickly. Familiarize yourself with the new release and be ready once it becomes available.

Map Suite Desktop for WinForms is a .NET native set of GIS software controls that lets .NET developers add rich, interactive maps to their Windows desktop applications. Featuring Winforms controls, running on Linux and Mac through Mono, packed with powerful mapping features and support for the most popular data formats, Map Suite Desktop for WinForms makes GIS accessible to developers of any skill.

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