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SQLite Support in MapSuite Mobile

Map Suite is data agnostic and supports a number of different data formats. Map Suite for Mobile 10.0 adds native support for SQLite. SQLite offers a number of advantages as its an open format and allows developers to access data from outside of our tools. Additionally the data can be consolidated into a single file, while maintaining the ability to quickly delete unwanted data and simplifying the data analysis process.

Map Suite World Streets is a vector dataset that comes in SQLite format that allows you to easily integrate basemaps into your GIS application. Use Map Suite World Streets in conjunction with any Map Suite Developer tools to build your on-premise/ offline mapping solution. Wanting to get started with your mobile application that reads SQLite data – get started with this GitHub sample.

ThinkGeo offers a number of programmer tools for desktop, web, and mobile that allow you to create professional-level maps for many platforms. Get started with your free 60 day Map Suite evaluation by getting the latest samples from GitHub here.

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