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Month: June 2017

Featured Data Format: USGS ASCII DEM

Do you have elevation data that you would like to display in your GIS application? Map Suite now supports the display of USGS ASCII DEM data natively. Previously this was only supported via the FDO extension which had some limitations. To get started a new sample has been prepared and can be accessed from GitHub here. This is the initial release and ThinkGeo is expected to make continued API improvements to this new feature layer.

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Creating Sublayers in Map Suite

Recently the ThinkGeo support team received a request on how to “Create sublayers from actual layer”. The team went to work and developed a new sample showing you how to use FeatureSource to create sublayers. This allows you to control the amount of data displayed without having to create individual layers for each dataset. Download the sample and start customizing it with your own data and specific needs.

Developers looking to build custom GIS applications can take advantage of the many different samples to become productive quickly. Continue reading

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Quickly style a Map using Map Suite WPF

Are you looking for a quick and easy way to style your map? This new sample demonstrates how you can quickly style a map with minimal coding. Although this is a WPF sample it can be used across all Map Suite UI Controls. It shows how you can assign 4 colors to area shapes without assigning the same color to adjacent features. This is a great feature which allows developers to get a map up and running without having to spend much time on styling. Continue reading

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