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Featured Data Format: USGS ASCII DEM

Do you have elevation data that you would like to display in your GIS application? Map Suite now supports the display of USGS ASCII DEM data natively. Previously this was only supported via the FDO extension which had some limitations. To get started a new sample has been prepared and can be accessed from GitHub here. This is the initial release and ThinkGeo is expected to make continued API improvements to this new feature layer.

Do you have other data you would like to display? Not a problem, all Map Suite products come with support for the most popular GIS file formats baked right in. In general, a natively-supported format will enjoy better performance than those supported through extensions. For a complete list of supported formats go here.

Map Suite empowers developers to build amazing mapping applications across the web, desktop and mobile platforms. To quickly get started with Map Suite check out these various code samples.

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