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Month: July 2017

Using Legends in Map Suite

To help the reader better interpret maps, developers should consider adding legends to their GIS apps. The AdornmentLayer APIs in Map Suite helps developers enhance their maps with legends, titles, directional arrows, logos, scale bars and other elements which helps the reader better understand the message the map is trying to convey. Adornments are in a fixed position, regardless of panning and can be added to your digital map or carried over to the print map. Map Suiteā€™s extensibility also allows developers to extend the AdornmentLayer to create custom adornments if necessary. Continue reading

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Making GIS Easy for Developers

Are you a developer looking to build an end-user GIS application which allows users to create, manipulate, and analyze geographic data? You can now use this latest project which will give you to framework for a GIS Editor that lets you design stunning custom maps, perform geo-analysis and visualize your spatial data. Whether you need to create a map from scratch, edit an existing map or query and select data, this GIS Editor project has the tools you need to create the customized map solution you want. Continue reading

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