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Retrieving Elevation Information in Map Suite

ThinkGeo is making great progress on new APIs that allows developers to build more robust GIS applications. The latest addition now allows Map Suite users to find elevation information at any location. Review the latest sample available via GitHub to familiarize yourself with this new feature. This is a core functionality that can be used across the different Map Suite platforms.

Currently, it can be used to read the elevation from the data stored on your local machine. In addition, you may license the ThinkGeo Elevation data which allows you to download the data through Amazon’s Requester Pays Bucket for easy data management. Either option would allow you to create stand-alone applications by embedding it right into your application. In the future we will be providing GIS services which all allow you to access it via a RESTful API.

Use any of the Map Suite developer tools in conjunction with your data or ThinkGeo’s data products to build your next GIS solution. Get started with your evaluation by downloading the latest “Elevation Statistics Sample for WPF” sample or any of the other Map Suite samples.

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