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Add Routing to Your Map Suite App

A new sample has been created that shows how to quickly add routing to your GIS app. The sample combines Map Suite for WPF with Map Suite for Routing and shows how to get shortest or fastest route within your application. Download the sample directly from GitHub here to begin your free Map Suite trial or enhance your existing application. Sample includes source code and is fully customizable.

Map Suite Routing is an extension which allows developers to add turn by turn routing and directions to their mapping application. It is can be used in conjunction with the Map Suite developer tool including Map Suite for Web and Map Suite for Desktop. It is a native .NET component which gives you various APIs to find shortest path from A to B, get turn by turn directions, avoid restricted areas, optimize for the traveling salesman problem (TSP) and much more.

ThinkGeo offers a full suite of GIS development tools for developers as well as professional services that can help you create your next GIS application.

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