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ThinkGeo as a Google Maps developer alternative

In light of recent news and changes that Google Maps is making to its developer platform it would make sense to highlight the options that ThinkGeo provides in the current online mapping environment.

With the pricing changes that Google has made, monthly usage costs (measure by load counts) will see a significant spike which could cause alarm to many small business and free websites that use Google Maps and have little no track of the usage amounts that come with that API integration.

Our current map kit uses this base MAP

Now let’s cover some ThinkGeo advantages:

  • Our Map Kit is WMS server based
  • You can cache tiles locally; including satellite imagery(Global images:15m resolution; Lower US: 1 Meter Resolution)
  • We are working on GIS Server which will soon have multiple API integrations and will include a brand new Map
    Kit as well. The new map increased performance; new styling and detail, the ability to Vector/Raster Tiles through XYZ and additional APIs specific to Geocoding, Elevation and Routing which will follow soon after the main release.

We’re excited to be a viable option for any size business and hope you find the right fit for your current project and any future endeavors.

Below you will find screenshots of our new World Map which will include an alternate dark theme.


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