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Month: September 2018

ThinkGeo’s New World Map

Our new world map is yours to experiment with.  Clicking on the image above will take you to our new World Map site. It’s faster and more responsive than ever and will be fully accessible through our World Map Kit Online or you can set your own server up and use our maps to create your own mapping project.  Our new map will be the foundation of our Map Suite Desktop, Web and Mobile product line beginning with Map Suite 11.0

Here are some features of our new map site:

  • Customize language/measurement units on the map
  • Light/Dark Mode toggle along with Aerial/Hybrid modes
  • Measure distances/areas
  • Add markers to the map
  • Share and embed the map
  • Print the map you create
  • Find your current location
  • Search for nearby places of interest
  • Rotate the map

Once our new maps are part of your Map Suite products you’ll be able to render tiles as fast as you see them rendered on our site.  Continue reading

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