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Month: February 2019

ThinkGeo’s Color Generator & How We Built It

Using ThinkGeo Cloud’s Color Generator anyone can begin creating a visual map that highlights the data you want to use! Color is arguably the most important aspect of map creation and we’ve created a fun and easy to use generator to give you the head start you need. ThinkGeo’s Color Generator is included in our 60-day Free Evaluation of ThinkGeo Cloud.

Each color harmony scheme brings with it a different visual agenda. From plotting out population densities in European countries to honing in on median incomes and languages spoken in a particular part of the world; color schemes go a long way in literally painting the picture you would like your data to convey. Continue reading

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ThinkGeo’s Chicago Crime Map & How We Built It

ThinkGeo’s Chicago Crime Map displayed through Cluster Points

The infrastructure of cities can dictate crime frequency. The placement of buildings, main arteries, parks, alleys, and police stations can affect a city’s likelihood to experience crime. ThinkGeo’s mapping tools can highlight crime within cities so that we can study the results and see where the trouble spots are, and more importantly, enable law enforcement agencies to plan accordingly and notice trends.

One way of visualizing data and frequency is by using “clustered points” in your GIS project.  Continue reading

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Start Building With ThinkGeo Cloud

ThinkGeo Cloud has seen a high volume of activity in its first month of public release and we invite you to start building with us. Your ThinkGeo account gives you full access to our Cloud’s online map tiles and GIS services for a free 60-day evaluation.  With your evaluation you’ll receive:

  • 10,000 free transactions per day of vector and raster tiles, WMS, Geocoding/Reverse Geocoding, Elevation and more.
  • Guides and sample applications to help you get started
  • Complimentary technical support during your ThinkGeo Cloud evaluation

Our newly redesigned ThinkGeo Demo Center is your hub for unlocking the potential of ThinkGeo Cloud. Continue reading

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