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ThinkGeo Vector Maps

A sure fire necessity in GIS map creation is that you’re going to need a basemap.  Basemaps provide the canvas for your artistry; they allow for an immediate visualization of the geographical area you want your focus to be on and provide a background for the implementation of your data.

ThinkGeo’s vector maps are one of a kind. They’re fast, available online, can be cached offline and they look great too. They’re made up of vector tiles; but what exactly is a vector tile? Instead of a web server sending you a pre-drawn image tile, a vector tile contains the geometry for a particular part of the earth, delivered on demand. It contains instructions on what can be drawn, rather than something already drawn and styled.

The building blocks for your next map creation get jump-started with a Free ThinkGeo Cloud Evaluation.  Once you sign up we will email you an API key that you can use to authenticate your Cloud activity; then when your registration is confirmed you can immediately begin using ThinkGeo’s vector maps as the background for your mapping project.

With the release of Map Suite 10.5; existing customers and new UI Controls developers will be pulling from ThinkGeo’s Cloud Vector tiles when rendering a basemap on their local project. Our latest Map Suite release offers the portability of rendering our basemaps online/offline whether it be on your Desktop or Mobile phone.  Start building with our free 60-day ThinkGeo Cloud and Map Suite Evaluations today.

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