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ThinkGeo’s Vector Map Library is now using WebGL

The latest release of ThinkGeo.js vector map library will be using WebGL. WebGL (Web Graphics Library) is a Javascript API that is used to display 2D and/or 3D graphics and it is fully supported in today’s most popular web/mobile browsers. With all of ThinkGeo’s maps being rendered using WebGL developers can control how and when features are drawn on the screen and in turn will experience increased performance with their map rendering.

Another result of this addition is that more data can now be displayed on your maps. The leap forward is significant because while Vector Maps provide an easy on-ramp to loading a basemap and even themed visuals; WebGL makes room for dynamic editing, querying/filtering and supports on-the-fly map projection and rendering. Additional benefits of ThinkGeo’s vector maps using WebGL include:

-Significant decrease of memory used by your computer’s CPU and GPU
-Supports map rotation on mobile devices
-Enables map tilt and 3D building possible in future versions
-Adjustment of the drawing order of polygons/lines/points for color blending
-Added support of polygon cutting with tile bounds to drawn inner/outer rings correctly

Get started with experiencing the difference by visiting our Demo Center and Vectormap.js Github page!

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