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ThinkGeo Routing Sample Spotlight: Finding Places of Importance Along Your Route.

A Forestry Trucking Route from the heart of Mexico City

“We’ve got a long way to go and a short time to get there” ; an excerpt from Jerry Reed’s classic record “Eastbound and Down”. Within those lyrics resides a deeper story of managing time and distance across the roads of America. There were no data hubs in Jerry’s days of trucking/fleet management. There were no ways of saving time beyond those that could be thought up on a whim.

The infrastructure now is much different of course. In today’s world knowing the road that lies ahead is essential for business efficiency across several industries. Fleet management, retail, sales teams that move around the country, local governments and road maintenance crews just to name a few. ThinkGeo Cloud Routing adds much needed information and data to your app. What happens next is where things can go to the next level.

In this week’s sample showcase we demonstrate how easy it is to display integral data along any route in North America and much of Central America as well. We used specific data for this highlight but any data that is compatible can be integrated and personalized for your project. For now we’ve kept it simple; restaurants, gas stations, hotels and car washes can all be tracked along any 200km route. Get hands-on with this sample right now through our ThinkGeo Demo Center and make sure you unlock all of the other amazing services offered with a free 60-day evaluation of ThinkGeo Cloud.

The last leg for Bandit and Snowman

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