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ThinkGeo UI 12 Arrives with .NET Core 3.0 & Blazor Support

ThinkGeo and .NET Core, together at last!

Say hello to the all-new ThinkGeo UI 12.  Powered by .NET Core 3.0, our new map controls are modern, cross-platform, fast, and packed with features like Blazor support and cloud integration.  Our full suite of ThinkGeo UI 12 products is available right now — read on to discover what’s new.

Break Free with .NET Core 3.

Step beyond the classic .NET Framework and Windows-centric projects. ThinkGeo UI 12’s interactive map controls and SDKs have been rebuilt from the ground up on the platform-agnostic .NET Core version 3. Now you can target Linux, Mac OS, and Windows natively, using the official .NET Core runtime. No need for bulky or unreliable third-party framework implementations that may not be feature-complete.

Stop limiting your audience to Windows users. Ship your mapping applications to your customers without worrying about their runtime environments. Build robust cloud-based solutions for Linux servers using ThinkGeo’s spatial core. Write everything in C# 8.0 and build all your platform targets from a single solution.  Our entire lineup of components has been rebuilt for maximum performance and making the jump to .NET Core doesn’t just enable cross-platform delivery, it’s also given ThinkGeo UI controls a serious kickstart.

Introducing ThinkGeo UI for Blazor.

Blazor is Microsoft’s new framework for building web UIs with .NET. At ThinkGeo, we’re bringing to the table UI Controls for Blazor that will deliver interactive maps and spatial functionality with C#, .NET and WebAssembly.  Now you’re putting maps into next-gen web apps, thanks to the all-new ThinkGeo UI Web for Blazor.

If you’re a WebForms developer looking for a similar but more modern experience, server-side Blazor has you covered. As the Blazor framework evolves, we’ll also be delivering client-side maps using Blazor and Web Assembly, which means you’ll get the tri-fecta: a C# codebase, lean client-side processing, and platform-native performance that’s superior to JavaScript.

You can take Blazor for a test drive by visiting ThinkGeo’s Interactive Blazor Samples and dive into the code at our dedicated Github page.

Make the Jump.

ThinkGeo UI 12 is filled with modernizations and enhancements to improve developer quality of life.  New to the family? Try our UI controls risk-free for 60 days with our complimentary evaluation, and start developing class-leading mapping applications straight away.

Have a current Software Assurance Plan or subscription for ThinkGeo UI or Map Suite controls? Then you’re good to make the jump to version 12 right now, at no additional charge. Just install the latest ThinkGeo Product Center, and you’ll be able to activate ThinkGeo UI 12 packages in your next .NET Core or .NET Standard application.

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