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Map Suite Geocoder 2018 Data Refresh


Map Suite Geocoding is a native geocoding and reverse geocoding component for .NET that lets you convert a street address into a geographic location and vice-versa. It can also deliver additional details like county, FIPS codes, census tract and more. Plus, it ships with an optimized set of United States street data based on the latest TIGER® data from the U.S. Census Bureau.

ThinkGeo has the latest U.S. Census Bureau data from 2018 available with purchase of the Map Suite Geocoder. Continue reading

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Introducing the ThinkGeo Cloud XYZ Server

We’re pleased to announce the release of ThinkGeo Cloud XYZ. The XYZ Tile Server is a ThinkGeo Cloud plug-in and functions as a map server serving tiles based on location, or XYZs.  It is one of the most popular ways to display and navigate maps in today’s technical environment.

ThinkGeo Cloud XYZ serves both raster and vector tiles. Our raster tiles are supported in five different map styles:

  • Light
  • Dark
  • Aerial
  • Hybrid
  • Transparent

Here is an online demo showcasing the five mentioned styles and the elevated responsiveness of our ThinkGeo Cloud XYZ Server:

A list of Github samples showcasing our variety of development platforms has been provided below.  Continue reading

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ThinkGeo Mobile Routing Spotlight

Whether its fleet management, emergency services or simply wanting to avoid traffic on the drive home routing plays a huge part
in our business and personal adventures. ThinkGeo’s Routing extension is simple to use and highly effective. Some key features include

  • Turn by Turn Direction to help you find the fastest and shortest routes
  • The ability to generate a Service Area to manage multiple points and routing to and from these points
  • Avoiding specific areas on your route to maximize efficiency

Take a closer look at the following IOS and Android Github samples to get a preview of what our Routing extension has to offer on the Mobile Platform and if it gives you any project ideas let us know; we’d be happy to work with you and be part of your vision. Continue reading

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Map Suite 10.2.0 Released

Map Suite 10.2.0 has arrived and is now available for download! It includes enhancements, new features and bug fixes that were added since the Map Suite 10.1.0 release.

Map Suite 10.2.0. Highlights

  • Support for 3D Rendering and OSM Buildings
  • Added support for USGS DEM
  • Upgraded FdoFeatureSource to support the latest FDO 4.0 library
  • Added “GetFeatureIds” API for all FeatureSources and FeatureLayers
  • For a complete list of enhancements and changes in any Map Suite product edition, please review the official product change logs in the ThinkGeo Wiki. Continue reading

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    Retrieving Elevation Information in Map Suite

    ThinkGeo is making great progress on new APIs that allows developers to build more robust GIS applications. The latest addition now allows Map Suite users to find elevation information at any location. Review the latest sample available via GitHub to familiarize yourself with this new feature. This is a core functionality that can be used across the different Map Suite platforms.

    Currently, it can be used to read the elevation from the data stored on your local machine. In addition, you may license the ThinkGeo Elevation data which allows you to download the data through Amazon’s Requester Pays Bucket for easy data management. Continue reading

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    Map Suite Supports 3D Buildings

    Do you have shapefiles with building height information or have an application in which you’d like to display building heights? Map Suite now offers new APIs that allows developers to display elevation information from shapefiles as well as the OpenStreetMap (OSM) Building data across mobile, web, and desktop apps. This can help developers make their maps more visually appealing depending on the application. New samples available via GitHub have been prepared to help you get started quickly:

    Display 3D buildings using shapefile on Android (GitHub Sample)
    Display 3D buildings using shapefile on iOS (GitHub Sample)

    Display OSM Buildings using WPF (GitHub Sample)
    Display 3D buildings using shapefile on WPF (GitHub Sample)
    Display 3D buildings using shapefile on WinForms (GitHub Sample)

    Display OSM Buildings using WebAPI (GitHub Sample)

    Map Suite UI controls enables developers to build amazing GIS and mapping applications across the web, desktop and mobile platforms. Continue reading

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    Featured Data Format: USGS ASCII DEM

    Do you have elevation data that you would like to display in your GIS application? Map Suite now supports the display of USGS ASCII DEM data natively. Previously this was only supported via the FDO extension which had some limitations. To get started a new sample has been prepared and can be accessed from GitHub here. This is the initial release and ThinkGeo is expected to make continued API improvements to this new feature layer.

    Do you have other data you would like to display? Continue reading

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    Quickly style a Map using Map Suite WPF

    Are you looking for a quick and easy way to style your map? This new sample demonstrates how you can quickly style a map with minimal coding. Although this is a WPF sample it can be used across all Map Suite UI Controls. It shows how you can assign 4 colors to area shapes without assigning the same color to adjacent features. This is a great feature which allows developers to get a map up and running without having to spend much time on styling. Continue reading

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    Running MapSuite on Mac

    Are you a Mac user looking to develop a GIS app? With the latest release of Map Suite 10.0 any developer working with a Mac can now build custom GIS applications for iOS.

    To get started check out this video which demonstrates how to grab a Map Suite sample from GitHub, and run it in Xamarin Studio on Mac OS. Please note, Xamarin environment is needed on the Mac for this sample, all assemblies are downloaded through NuGet automatically.

    Here are several additional samples to help you get started quickly! Continue reading

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