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Add NOAA Weather Radar, Warnings and Stations to your GIS App

Have you ever considered adding weather information to your GIS app? Industries such as agriculture, public safety, aerospace and others can greatly benefit by adding real-time weather information. NOAA provides all the data and Map Suite has all the necessary APIs that allow you to easily enhance your mapping application. Whether you are looking for radar information, weather stations, weather watches & warnings ThinkGeo has you covered.

The weather station data and APIs allows you to display up-to-date weather station data from around the world on top of your maps. Continue reading

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Building Native GIS Apps for Mobile Devices using C# and Xamarin

Are you a .NET developer looking to build native GIS applications for iOS and Android devices? Map Suite for Mobile is a .NET control built on top of Xamarin which allows you add interactive maps and professional-grade GIS to your mobile apps. Of course you can build mobile apps around online mapping providers like Google or Bing, but there are scenarios where you might need more powerful spatial features, custom rendering, require editing or consuming data stored on the local device. Continue reading

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Host Your Own Offline Mapping Server

While there are several online mapping providers like Google, Bing, Esri, MapBox, and ThinkGeo’s World Map Kit Online that serve up map tiles, there are scenarios where you might want an on-premise offline mapping server.

For example, your environment might not have internet connectivity. Or, you might be concerned about the security of putting your geospatial data on the World Wide Web. With an offline solution, you can be assured that you have complete control over what is displayed on the map and the peace of mind of a locally-deployed system. Continue reading

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Leaflet vs. OpenLayers 3: Which is the better client-side JavaScript mapping library?

Customers often ask us, “Which is the best client-side JavaScript mapping library to use when building a modern web app with the Map Suite WebAPI Edition?” Like a lot of things in Software Development, the answer isn’t always clear. The answer depends on your requirements and development preferences. Since both frameworks are well documented and work solidly on mobile devices, we usually ask the following questions to help our customers make the right decision.

How simple is mapping portion of the app you are building? Continue reading

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Maritime Map Developer? Check out the Nautical Charts Extension!

The new ThinkGeo Nautical Charts Extension is a great tool for any .NET developer who needs to create or view desktop or web maps that display NOAA’s Electronic Navigational Charts which conform to the International Hydrograph Office (IHO) S-57 international exchange format as defined in the special publication S-52. Use the Nautical Charts Viewer, which is used in conjunction with ThinkGeo’s Map Suite for Desktop or Web Editions, to view any ENC in S-57 format.

Check out the “ENC Viewer for Displaying S-57 Data” sample that can be downloaded from the ThinkGeo Wiki under “Code Samples” on the appropriate Map Suite Edition. Continue reading

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