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Querying & Editing GRID Files in Map Suite

Arc/Info ASCII Grid is one of many supported raster formats in Map Suite. In addition to displaying ESRI grid files you can also query and edit the data in Map Suite. Here is the latest sample demonstrating the ability for the user to select an area of the grid (raster layer) by using a spatial query, and then updating the underlying cell values with a user specific value.

This has been integrated as a core feature in Map Suite therefore it can be used in the web or desktop products. Continue reading

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Raster Image Color Replacement API

Are you looking to edit the colors on your map to make it stand out? For example, let’s say you have an 8-bit raster image and you want to identify and replace the colors in order to make your maps more visually appealing. Map Suite now supports a new color mapping API that allows developers to handle such cases.

This new API works with the other existing color related properties such as transparency, gray-scale, etc. which helps you add meaning to your maps. Continue reading

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Create Accurate Data with Snapping

Snapping allows GIS users and developers to create more accurate data. When editing data and snapping is enabled it helps ensure that new features you create are attached to each other. In addition to enabling snapping you may also set specific tolerances for better accuracy.

GIS users can download the Map Suite GIS Editor to start creating new accurate data by turning snapping on. This feature can be found under the data editing tab.

Download the Snap to Layer Sample to customize your app and start your trial of Map Suite. Continue reading

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Split a Polygon with a Line

Splitting a polygon is a common technique in GIS which can help process mapping data. Map Suite provides you with the necessary API that allows you to split a polygon with lines or polygons. This sample shows you how to split a polygon with a line. This procedure can be useful for users wanting to split fields, land parcels or any other type of polygon.

Download the ThinkGeo Product Center and start manipulating your data. In addition to this sample many other code samples are available to help you get started with Map Suite quickly. Continue reading

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Draw and Edit Shapes within Your Application

Do you have existing data that needs editing? Or perhaps you want to create new mapping data? Map Suite is a powerful tool that allows developers and end users to create new or edit existing shapes and features. There are several scenarios in which you may have to create new or edit existing data.

Let’s say a road has been extended, a farmer acquired an adjacent field, a building has been expanded, a school district has changed its boundaries, etc.; you can use the APIs and tools in order to make the necessary changes to the data. Continue reading

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Use the Map Suite GIS Editor to View, Edit and Create Mapping/GIS Data

The Map Suite GIS Editor lets you design stunning maps, perform geo-analysis and visualize your data. Powerful enough for professional GIS technicians yet accessible enough for nearly anyone who needs to create a map, the GIS Editor is designed as a single-application solution to all of your GIS visualization needs.

You Can Use the Map Suite GIS Editor to:

• Visualize data, statistics and trends geographically
• Design, style and label rich and detailed maps
• Integrate data from a variety of sources, including Web Map Services
• See the data attributes contained within your data
• Draw right on the map, edit and create feature data
• Analyze and geoprocess your data
• Re-project your map data
• Create custom scripts in Ruby, Python, and C#
• Make your maps publication-ready with titles, legends and annotations

The GIS Editor is a free open source GIS tool. Continue reading

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