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ThinkGeo Mobile Routing Spotlight

Whether its fleet management, emergency services or simply wanting to avoid traffic on the drive home routing plays a huge part
in our business and personal adventures. ThinkGeo’s Routing extension is simple to use and highly effective. Some key features include

  • Turn by Turn Direction to help you find the fastest and shortest routes
  • The ability to generate a Service Area to manage multiple points and routing to and from these points
  • Avoiding specific areas on your route to maximize efficiency

Take a closer look at the following IOS and Android Github samples to get a preview of what our Routing extension has to offer on the Mobile Platform and if it gives you any project ideas let us know; we’d be happy to work with you and be part of your vision. Continue reading

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Map Suite 10.0 – Cross Platform Support

The release of Map Suite 10.0 is right around the corner! One of the most notable features is cross platform support; the upcoming release will allow you to run some of the Map Suite products on Linux as well as Mac.

Specifically, the following Map Suite products can be used to develop on Linux through MonoDevelop:

  • Map Suite Desktop for Winforms
  • Map Suite Web for Webforms
  • Map Suite Web for WebAPI


Map Suite Product Center 10.0 running on Ubuntu

Developers working on Mac can use the following Map Suite products to develop with Xamarin Studio:

  • Map Suite Desktop for Winforms
  • Map Suite Mobile for iOS


Map Suite Product Center 10.0 Continue reading

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Building Native GIS Apps for Mobile Devices using C# and Xamarin

Are you a .NET developer looking to build native GIS applications for iOS and Android devices? Map Suite for Mobile is a .NET control built on top of Xamarin which allows you add interactive maps and professional-grade GIS to your mobile apps. Of course you can build mobile apps around online mapping providers like Google or Bing, but there are scenarios where you might need more powerful spatial features, custom rendering, require editing or consuming data stored on the local device. Continue reading

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