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Getting Features from ArcGIS Server

Recently we made improvements to Map Suite that allows you to access maps from ArcGIS Server as discussed here. This feature was well received and additional enhancements on this feature were requested.

Now, with the latest Map Suite build you can also get the features from ArcGIS Server. A new sample has been created to help you get started quickly. Download the sample to start building your GIS app which consumes data from your ArcGIS Server.

If you have enhancement suggestions please add them to the ThinkGeo Enhancement Tracker or contact us. Continue reading

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Improved Quality of Printed Output

Do you support printing within your GIS application? If you are a developer using Map Suite or looking to build GIS apps that require printing there is a new enhancement that allows you to better control the quality of the printed output.

Check out the new “Map Printing With High Quality” sample here. This is a core enhancement which would apply to all editions of Map Suite. As this is a new feature make sure you are using the latest development branch daily build. Continue reading

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Improve Rendering Performance with Gridding

Are you looking for a way to prepare your data to help with rendering performance? There is an updated sample which shows you how to dynamically grid and split your polygons into smaller regions thereby allowing them to draw more quickly.

What we want to do is get the average tile render time to be as low as possible. Typically, the features that take the longest time to draw are high point-count polygon layers. Imagine you are rendering a low-level tile that is essentially blank. Continue reading

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Aerial Imagery for Your Offline Mapping App!

Building an offline application which requires aerial maps? With World Map Kit Imagery, you can now add aerial imagery for the US completely offline! This demo of World Map Kit Online will let you review the quality for both the vector and aerial imagery data.

World Map Kit Imagery offers imagery tiles through Amazon’s Requester Pays Bucket for easy data management. This dataset is composed of multiple small image files (JPEG2000) and each file covers a block of approximately 3 x 4 miles. Continue reading

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Mapping Flight Paths with Map Suite

This latest project illustrates how to draw Great Circle paths to connect an origin and a destination point with Map Suite. If you are an aerospace map developer this is a great sample to help you get started. Use any of the Map Suite developer controls to customize this sample to your liking.

The sample includes the following features:

• Ability to draw an arc representing a flight between two points on a world map
• Displays popups with origin, destination, and flight information for a selected flight
• Ability to display multiple flights between the same origin and destination
• Switch between flights by using radio buttons
• Zoom in and out and scroll around the map

Download the sample to start customizing your app and begin your free Map Suite trial. Continue reading

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Working with Large Number of Raster Files

Do you have a large number of raster files to work with? This latest sample shows how to seamlessly work with lots of raster data files. Instead of having to work with multiple layers you can just point to the directory to load all the files and seamlessly display all your raster files as one layer. This requires less coding allowing you to focus on all the other aspects of your mapping app.

Download this sample to start your evaluation and see the power of Map Suite’s extensible object model and architecture which allows you to easily customize to suit any mapping needs. Continue reading

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