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How to Quickly get Started with Map Suite 10.0!

Map Suite 10.0 is out now! The new release includes many new features and improvements. Wondering how to get started? The ThinkGeo Wiki includes a number of helpful resources, including API documentation, help guides, and more. It’s very easy to get started. You can start from getting the samples from GitHub, or start from creating a new application in your Visual Studio. Depending on the platform you are developing for take a look at the following “Getting Started” videos:

For Mobile Platforms
Map Suite Mobile for Android
Map Suite Mobile For iOS
For Desktop Platforms
Map Suite Desktop for WPF
Map Suite Desktop for WinForms
For Web Platforms
Map Suite Web for WebAPI
Map Suite Web For MVC
Map Suite Web for WebForms

Map Suite UI controls empowers developers to build amazing GIS and mapping applications across the web, desktop and mobile platforms. Continue reading

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Map Suite 10.0 is Here!

This is another major milestone which includes a number of new features, including cross-platform support for Windows, Linux and MacOS, ability to run Map Suite without an installer, access all samples via GitHub, simplified licensing process, stability improvements and more.

The installation process and version maintenance is now easier, all Map Suite products and dependencies have been re-packaged to NuGet packages. Developers can choose to either install references locally, manage through NuGet manager with Visual Studio or setup a local NuGet server for your team. Continue reading

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Getting Started with Map Suite Desktop 10.0

The 10.0 release is getting closer and closer! We are putting together the final touches, working on documentation, and other useful resources. Here is a quick look at the new Map Suite Desktop for WinForms wiki page. As you can see it includes the usual help guides, but you will notice new guides for Linux deployment and licensing. In addition new help videos have been put together to help you get started quickly. Familiarize yourself with the new release and be ready once it becomes available. Continue reading

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Using World Map Kit Explorer on Linux

As discussed in the last several blogs, one of the main features of Map Suite 10.0 is cross-platform support. In addition Map Suite 10.0 will be more publicly available and streamlined as smaller assemblies will be available via NuGet and samples can be downloaded directly via GitHub.

In 10.0 World Map Kit SDK will be known as Map Suite World Map Streets. The World Streets Vector Layer Explorer is a utility that enables you to view the SQLite World Streets data using Map Suite WinForms and provides a number of useful metrics including: render times, fetch times, total bytes drawn along with total features drawn. Continue reading

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Displaying ECW and MrSid Files on Linux

As many of you know Map Suite supports a number of popular GIS file formats, from file-based, to image-based and even spatial databases. One of the most notable features of Map Suite 10.0 is cross-platform support. This week’s post introduces how to display some of the most popular raster formats on Linux with the upcoming release. Sample templates to help you get started will be made available via GitHub. There are a few steps required to help you get started:

1. Continue reading

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Running MapSuite 10.0 on Linux

As previously discussed Map Suite 10 will allow for cross platform support. There are a couple required steps in order to develop and migrate your Map Suite Web and Map Suite WebAPI projects on Linux.

First, the Linux environment must be setup. To setup the environment follow these steps.

Next, the following guide demonstrates how to create your Map Suite Web project on Linux and how to migrate your web projects from Windows to Linux.

Here are several sample templates available via GitHub to help you get started quickly! Continue reading

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Map Suite 10.0 – A New Way!

Here’s another sneak peek on Map Suite 10.0. In previous versions of Map Suite everything was managed via the ThinkGeo Product Center. Users acquired daily builds, download samples, etc. all via the Product Center. In Map Suite 10.0 the entire process will be more publicly available and streamlined. Here’s a brief overview:

  • The one large assembly is split up into multiple smaller assemblies and distributed via NuGet. The installation and update will be handled by NuGet; you only need to update the specific package which contains the new feature/fix.
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Microsoft Releases Version 1.0 of .NET Core

ThinkGeo is excited to learn that Microsoft has announced the launch of .NET Core 1.0. We are hopeful this will make cross platform development on Linux and the Mac much easier in the future for .NET developers. We will be evaluating this new technology along with the improvements in Xamarin to enhance our current Map Suite offerings for easier cross platform development. Moreover, .NET Core is open source, allowing developers to build their applications as well as improve the platform for specific needs. Continue reading

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