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Cluster Layer with ZedGraph

Do you have data that you would like to represent as a pie chart on a map? You can now use the latest Cluster Feature Layer sample to symbolize your column data as a pie chart. This allows the map reader to compare different sets of data visually. Additionally, charts are a great way to take your information and make it more understandable.

Take advantage of the various Map Suite APIs to create custom maps based on your specific requirement. Download code samples directly from GitHub to start creating your mapping applications. Continue reading

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Quickly style a Map using Map Suite WPF

Are you looking for a quick and easy way to style your map? This new sample demonstrates how you can quickly style a map with minimal coding. Although this is a WPF sample it can be used across all Map Suite UI Controls. It shows how you can assign 4 colors to area shapes without assigning the same color to adjacent features. This is a great feature which allows developers to get a map up and running without having to spend much time on styling. Continue reading

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Use Class Break Styles to Build Thematic Maps

Do you have data that range in values? For example, let’s say you have sales data, population densities, etc. and you would like to display this information with different colors based on the range of values. If this sounds familiar you should take a look at the Class Break style!

The Class Break Style allows you to define how polygon, line, or point based features will be rendered on the map based upon a range of values in your layer’s attribute data. Continue reading

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