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SQLite Support in MapSuite Mobile

Map Suite is data agnostic and supports a number of different data formats. Map Suite for Mobile 10.0 adds native support for SQLite. SQLite offers a number of advantages as its an open format and allows developers to access data from outside of our tools. Additionally the data can be consolidated into a single file, while maintaining the ability to quickly delete unwanted data and simplifying the data analysis process.

Map Suite World Streets is a vector dataset that comes in SQLite format that allows you to easily integrate basemaps into your GIS application. Continue reading

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How to Quickly get Started with Map Suite 10.0!

Map Suite 10.0 is out now! The new release includes many new features and improvements. Wondering how to get started? The ThinkGeo Wiki includes a number of helpful resources, including API documentation, help guides, and more. It’s very easy to get started. You can start from getting the samples from GitHub, or start from creating a new application in your Visual Studio. Depending on the platform you are developing for take a look at the following “Getting Started” videos:

For Mobile Platforms
Map Suite Mobile for Android
Map Suite Mobile For iOS
For Desktop Platforms
Map Suite Desktop for WPF
Map Suite Desktop for WinForms
For Web Platforms
Map Suite Web for WebAPI
Map Suite Web For MVC
Map Suite Web for WebForms

Map Suite UI controls empowers developers to build amazing GIS and mapping applications across the web, desktop and mobile platforms. Continue reading

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Map Suite 10.0 – Cross Platform Support

The release of Map Suite 10.0 is right around the corner! One of the most notable features is cross platform support; the upcoming release will allow you to run some of the Map Suite products on Linux as well as Mac.

Specifically, the following Map Suite products can be used to develop on Linux through MonoDevelop:

  • Map Suite Desktop for Winforms
  • Map Suite Web for Webforms
  • Map Suite Web for WebAPI


Map Suite Product Center 10.0 running on Ubuntu

Developers working on Mac can use the following Map Suite products to develop with Xamarin Studio:

  • Map Suite Desktop for Winforms
  • Map Suite Mobile for iOS


Map Suite Product Center 10.0 Continue reading

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Microsoft’s Visual Studio Now on Mac

Yesterday, Microsoft announced the release of Visual Studio 2017 Release Candidate as well as Visual Studio for Mac for the first time. Visual Studio for Mac will allow C# developers to build apps for the web, iOS, Android, and wearables.

In general, Visual Studio for Mac will have the majority of the features that can be found on Windows. However, it’s still in preview stage and changes may occur before its final release. This is somewhat of an expected move since Microsoft acquired Xamarin earlier this year and we are hopeful this will continue to simplify cross platform development. Continue reading

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