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Map Suite Supports Real Time Traffic

Map Suite now allows developers to add real time traffic support to their GIS app. A new sample has been created which shows how to quickly take advantage of this new feature. It is supported in the core which means it can be used across the main ThinkGeo products such as Map Suite Web, WebAPI, MVC, Winforms, and WPF Editions.

In order to use this feature developers must have a developer account with HERE. A 90-day free trial is available. Continue reading

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Map Suite 10.2.0 Released

Map Suite 10.2.0 has arrived and is now available for download! It includes enhancements, new features and bug fixes that were added since the Map Suite 10.1.0 release.

Map Suite 10.2.0. Highlights

  • Support for 3D Rendering and OSM Buildings
  • Added support for USGS DEM
  • Upgraded FdoFeatureSource to support the latest FDO 4.0 library
  • Added “GetFeatureIds” API for all FeatureSources and FeatureLayers
  • For a complete list of enhancements and changes in any Map Suite product edition, please review the official product change logs in the ThinkGeo Wiki. Continue reading

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    Add Marker to Map by Touch in Map Suite WPF

    Map Suite WPF Edition supports a variety of APIs for touch events that you can add to your WPF project. Today’s sample shows you how you can swipe with one finger to pan the map and add a marker by touch. You can get a feel for how easy this is by downloading the code sample from GitHub here.

    Map Suite WPF Desktop Edition is a native WPF control for GIS. If you are a .NET developer, you can use Map Suite to build custom mapping applications. Continue reading

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    Making Your Raster Data More Noticeable

    Do you have raster images that need to stand out in your mapping application? This new WPF sample demonstrates how you can use the GeoTiff raster layer to mask a background map. It also shows how users can draw a polygon shape in order to reveal only the raster image that is contained behind the polygon. This is a core feature of Map Suite which allows developers to use it across all Map Suite UI Controls. Use this latest sample to make your data more noticeable. Continue reading

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    Cluster Layer with ZedGraph

    Do you have data that you would like to represent as a pie chart on a map? You can now use the latest Cluster Feature Layer sample to symbolize your column data as a pie chart. This allows the map reader to compare different sets of data visually. Additionally, charts are a great way to take your information and make it more understandable.

    Take advantage of the various Map Suite APIs to create custom maps based on your specific requirement. Download code samples directly from GitHub to start creating your mapping applications. Continue reading

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    Map Suite Supports 3D Buildings

    Do you have shapefiles with building height information or have an application in which you’d like to display building heights? Map Suite now offers new APIs that allows developers to display elevation information from shapefiles as well as the OpenStreetMap (OSM) Building data across mobile, web, and desktop apps. This can help developers make their maps more visually appealing depending on the application. New samples available via GitHub have been prepared to help you get started quickly:

    Display 3D buildings using shapefile on Android (GitHub Sample)
    Display 3D buildings using shapefile on iOS (GitHub Sample)

    Display OSM Buildings using WPF (GitHub Sample)
    Display 3D buildings using shapefile on WPF (GitHub Sample)
    Display 3D buildings using shapefile on WinForms (GitHub Sample)

    Display OSM Buildings using WebAPI (GitHub Sample)

    Map Suite UI controls enables developers to build amazing GIS and mapping applications across the web, desktop and mobile platforms. Continue reading

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    ThinkGeo Launches Updated Website

    We’ve rolled out an update to the ThinkGeo website that makes it easier for developers to access information related to Map Suite. Here are the improvements we made:

    It’s simpler to access samples and demos. Each product page is now broken out for quick access demos and samples to quickly get started with Map Suite.
    It’s easier to search. Use the new search feature to find samples, community posts, and more.

    We hope the updated website allows you to quickly find information on ThinkGeo and Map Suite. Continue reading

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    Limit Map View by Specified Boundary

    Are you looking to create a custom view of your map? For example, let’s say you just want to view a specific country without its neighboring countries. A new sample has been created to help you achieve this requirement quickly. Download the new Map Suite WebForms sample and start customizing it with your own data and specific needs.

    If you are a developer looking to build a GIS solution you can use Map Suite to customize this sample and many others to your liking. Continue reading

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    Using Legends in Map Suite

    To help the reader better interpret maps, developers should consider adding legends to their GIS apps. The AdornmentLayer APIs in Map Suite helps developers enhance their maps with legends, titles, directional arrows, logos, scale bars and other elements which helps the reader better understand the message the map is trying to convey. Adornments are in a fixed position, regardless of panning and can be added to your digital map or carried over to the print map. Map Suite’s extensibility also allows developers to extend the AdornmentLayer to create custom adornments if necessary. Continue reading

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