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What is ThinkGeo?

ThinkGeo is a GIS (Geographic Information Systems) company founded in 2004 and located in Frisco, TX. Our clients are in more than 40 industries including agriculture, energy, transportation, government, engineering, software development, and defense.

At ThinkGeo, we pride ourselves on our excellent service and transparency. ThinkGeo isn’t a giant company where you’re just another customer. We enjoy getting to know you and meeting your specific needs. Our prices are publicly posted. We don’t have a salesperson try to shake you down for every last penny.

We have a full range of GIS development components for .NET called Map Suite. If you’re a .NET developer, you can use Map Suite to build professional geospatial applications for desktop, web, and mobile platforms. The Map Suite framework is fully extensible, so you can customize your map exactly the way you need it.

We also offer the GIS Editor, which is an open source end-user tool for easily creating maps and visualizing geographic data. There’s no need to be a software developer or a GIS expert to make professional maps.

ThinkGeo has a professional services team that can deliver mapping apps that are perfectly tailored to your business needs. With more than a decade of experience in .NET development for GIS, you can be confident that ThinkGeo will meet your needs.