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Routing with OpenStreetMap Data

What is routing? Routing refers to the process of finding the best path in a network. Most commonly, routing is used in the context of finding the shortest or fastest path from A to B. However, routing can also be applied to other networks such as gas and oil pipelines. There are several components when it comes to routing, but data is key! If you want to route you must have routable data. For detailed information about the concept of routing, take a look at this Wikipedia article.

Combine the Map Suite World Streets, Map Suite Routing and the Routing Index generator to create stunning basemaps with routing capabilities. World Map Kit SDK is an excellent choice for your basemaps that you can host offline and is based on OpenStreetMap, a crowd-sourced dataset that is frequently updated by thousands of contributors. With the World Map Kit SDK we provide you with a routing index generator. This allows you to specify an area to extract the data and create a routing index based on your defined area.

Map Suite Routing is a native .NET component that gives your Map Suite applications the power to find the shortest path from A to B, deliver turn-by-turn directions, avoid specified areas, optimize for the Travelling Salesperson problem, supports different routing algorithms and much more. Check out the Routing webinar that introduces Map Suite Routing Extension and some of its features.

If you are a .NET developer looking to build robust GIS applications with routing capability look at the Routing Sample here and to start development review the Quick Start Guide.

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