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Managing Your World Map Kit Data

Map Suite makes it easy to integrate worldwide street level basemaps into your application by providing all of the C# source code for rendering the map tiles and over 150GB+ dataset in both SQLite and PostgreSQL formats. Managing such large datasets can be quite a task! With the release of World Map Kit SDK, a utility to cut out only the part of the world you care about was also introduced, allowing you to deploy smaller datasets. However, managing all the data and layers can still be a challenge.

The latest OSM World Map Kit Rendering Coverage Reporter utility helps you generate a table which shows which layers of the World Map Kit are being displayed at which zoom levels in your application. This can help decide what data you need in order to display your desired zoom levels on a map. This is just another example how flexible Map Suite can be.

Combine Map Suite World Streets and World Imagery with the Map Suite Developer tools and utilities to build powerful mapping solutions.

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