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ThinkGeo Route Optimization solves the Traveling Salesman Problem

ThinkGeo Cloud Routing has kicked off the new year with the addition of the Route Optimization service, which introduces the ability to tackle the Traveling Salesman Problem or TSP as it’s commonly known.

TSP functionality allows Cloud users to generate the most efficient route that visits multiple predetermined locations on a trip. Route optimization is an integral component in several applications ranging from business logistics to micro-level reporting and analysis. ThinkGeo’s new endpoint allows for users to plug in up to 25 waypoints for route optimization and also features selectable round-trip routing, giving you the most efficient way to hit all your stops and then make it back to your starting point.

You can view the interactive demo for ThinkGeo Cloud Route Optimization by visiting our demo center. There, you can add your own custom waypoints to a map and see the ThinkGeo Cloud find the fastest route through them all.

Want to start putting together your own web app using ThinkGeo Cloud Route Optimization? Consider a deeper dive into the ThinkGeo Cloud Routing experience by launching a 60-day Cloud evaluation. Then, simply import our JavaScript Cloud Client library from our CDN or from npm to get started. Check out the JavaScript code from our sample app and the API documentation on our wiki to see what’s possible. You can also experiment with the Route Optimization service through our interactive API directory.

Let us know what you’re working on in the new year!

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